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CENTRUM BABYLON has three large halls: EXPO Hall, Congress Hall and Conference Hall. Each of these halls has a different capacity (up to 1000 persons) and they are intended to hold
congresses, trade fairs, balls, concerts and similar events.



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EXPO Hall is our largest hall. It is plentifully used when organizing balls, congresses, fashion shows and concerts as well as theatre performances. Its indisputable advantage
is that even large objects like a car can be placed in the hall and so it is also suitable when organizing trade fairs. The hall has its own bar, a large stage with the main screen
and four more suspended screens intended for projection.

It also includes a cubicle for TV crew, 3 separate changing rooms for performers (each can be locked) and 1 lockable
storage room.

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Congress Hall is a part of the newly built congress facility, which is meant to serve our domestic and foreign clients. It includes an interpreter booth as well as two lockable
changing rooms. It is possible to increase the capacity by adding 5 congress lounges which are situated in close proximity. All together the hall and the lounges form a small
separate congress centre.
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This facility is suitable for organizing different types of events – from company meetings and conferences to other social events like smaller foundation balls or proms. The
Conference Hall is situated right at the main entrance to the Centre, which is a great advantage, especially when organizing local events.

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