Forget about swimsuits or towels – wrap yourself in a bedsheet, put your slippers on and take a lift to the 1st floor, a space dedicated to your rest and relaxation.
The area of 1,000 m² features a spa with sauna and relaxation treatments from around the world.

Opening hours

Monday 10 am - 9 pm (5 pm - 7 pm entry only for women)
Tuesday - Thursday 10 am - 9 pm
Friday - Saturday 10 am - 10 pm
Sunday 10 am - 9 pm

Price list

Entry time period price
Single entry (no time limit) 590 CZK
2-hour entry 390 CZK
3-hour entry 490 CZK
Entry for the last 2 hours of the opening time 350 CZK
Extended entry charge (15 minutes) 50 CZK
Multi entry card for 10 entries 4 130 CZK

Wellness Centre entry is only for persons over 15 years old.

Wellness Centre facilities

All facilities and treatments below are included in the price of your entry to the Wellness Centre.


Traditional and Finnish sauna

There’s not just one but several of those much-loved wood-panelled rooms for you which will quickly warm your body. The traditional sauna is fitted with a stove which heats it up to 75–85 °C. It has hot stones, regularly ladled with water to maintain air humidity between 25 and 35 %. The Finnish sauna has a higher temperature (up to 100°C) and drier air. You’re guaranteed a good rest in either of those, with the additional benefit of loosening up your tired muscles.


If there is one place where your worries and stress from work will be reliably washed away, it is a whirlpool – a pool with swirling water where you can sit and enjoy the hydro massage of your body. The recommended duration is up to 30 minutes. To make sure you feel comfortable there, we are careful to maintain water temperature between 34–38°C.

Římská pára

Roman steam room

A very popular treatment during which you sit for a few minutes in a room filled with steam of 40–50 °C and air humidity between 70–90 %. The heat, moisture and natural essence will strengthen your immune system, improve blood circulation and unblock your respiratory pathways. Your skin will appreciate it, too, since the Roman steam will give it a thorough cleaning. Afterwards, you should cool down in a pool or shower.

Other facilities


A pleasant necessity following a sauna session. In order to cool down choose one of the three approaches. In a cool-down pool you’ll rapidly lower your temperature and will immediately feel great all over your body. In addition, you’ll improve blood circulation and get rid of tiredness. If you don’t feel like jumping into the pool, pour cold water (around 10 °C) over yourself from a bucket. For the brave we have a well filled with crushed ice, with a temperature between −2°C all the way down to −20°C.

Bylinková inhalace

Herbal inhalation

Regular herbal inhalation will strengthen your immune system. In addition, it does wonders for your respiratory tract. During this pleasant treatment visitors are seated for 10-20 minutes in a steam room at a temperature of 40–45°C and humidity 65–75% while an aroma of several kinds of healing herbs is sprayed in.

Salt inhalation

A great treatment for those of you who frequently suffer from inflamed respiratory mucus membranes. You’ll spend just a 10–20-minute session sitting in a steam room at a temperature of about 45–50°C and humidity 75–85% while a salt solution in the form of fine mist is being sprayed into the air. Positive effects are also experienced by clients suffering from eczema and weakened immunity.

Solná inhalace
Kneippova koupel

Kneipp water therapy

Not for the faint of heart? No way! Everyone will fall in love with a foot massage in a pool, alternating between cold and warm water. Take a walk over pebbles to get a gentle massage of the soles of your feet. This will give you an efficient reflexology treatment at varied temperatures which can help you get rid of headaches and the syndrome of cold feet, improve blood circulation and promote blood circulation in lower limbs.


The true manna from heaven for all of those heat lovers. Enjoy a stay in a dry bath in a relaxation room with air temperature 32–36°C. Your organism will calm down and you will experience a feeling of rest that you may have been missing so much.



Are you stiff from freezing weather or stress? The tepidarium with its temperature between 28–32°C is certain to loosen you up. To make sure it happens, lie down in a heated deck chair panelled with ceramic mosaic. Perfect final relaxation!

Sun meadow

Do you miss sunshine? You may have heard of light therapy. However, if you’ve never tried it, visit our sun meadow. Stay for just 5–10 minutes to recharge your batteries and get a tan to boot.

Sluneční louka
Sauna bar

Sauna bar

For the duration of your visit you’ll have drinking water and tasty bits of fruit and veg available free of charge within the Wellness Centre premises. To make clients’ feeling of happiness complete there is a sauna bar where you can buy snacks, coffee, fresh juice and ice-cream on the premises.