Treat yourself. Trust us with your body and you’ll feel like a newborn baby when leaving. Our Wellness Centre offers an ample range of spa and wellness treatments.

Beauty treatment

Your skin will be refreshed, hydrated, calmed and sparkling using LINGE, a comprehensive line of treatments, which can be complemented for instance by a collagen mask and a relaxation facial. Your face will be gleaming.


Classic relaxation, anti-stress and detox massages, and also chocolate wraps, cupping therapy, a lava stone massage, lymphatic drainage, a hammam and plenty of others. A wide range of massages for specific body parts and purposes – just take your pick.

Body treatment

All-body skin care using healing packs. Try a tropical fruit peeling and body wrap or a warming peat pack. Your complexion will be soft and smooth and you will feel pleasantly rested.

Hand and foot care

Spa treatments and aromatic baths for softening your skin, fine peeling, massages and a professional manicure and pedicure. Your hands will be soft and feet rested, with spick-and-span nails. For a full range of our assisted wellness treatments including prices go here.


Treat yourself to a relaxing hot bath with a mango and maracuja scent, get rid of your headache by bathing in lavender. You can also supply your body with the necessary minerals from sea water.