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Business Centre • Gold Club • Sun Terrace • Cheteau Cellars • Moravian Wine Bar
 Wallachian Taproom • The Disco


en rozlozeni 13 business centrum

Business no. 27 and Business no. 33 are auditoriums especially intended for company trainings. Their advantage is that there is an entrance directly from the street.

  MG 2397 HDR4




en rozlozeni 14 gold slunecni terasa

An authentic space which is particularly ideal for organizing company parties. Besides enough space for sitting and dancing it has its own bar, a cloakroom, billiards, roulette
and a Blackjack and Gotes table. Directly from the Gold Club you can walk out onto a spacious terrace with a capacity of up to 1500 persons. As a part of the terrace there
is a roofed ziggurat. The terrace is a perfect place for a barbecue, an open-air concert or a disco as well as a fire show for instance.

AAM 8394

terasa brozura orizla




en rozlozeni 15 zamecke sklepeni

A thematic facility suitable for a non-traditional get-togethers and parties. Concerning the layout, it has the right and the left part. Each of them can hold 150 persons. If necessary both parts can be connected together. For even larger groups we recommend to extend the facility and add the Moravian wine bar and the Wallachian Taproom.

Zámecké sklepení 05 




en rozlozeni 16 moravska valassky senk

MORAVIAN WINE BAR: a unique space which evokes the atmosphere of a genuine Moravian wine cellar offers peace and privacy. It is suitable for meetings of smaller
groups of people. We recommend to enjoy a wine tasting and a hammered dulcimer band as a form of accompanying programme. It is possible to increase the capacity
of the Moravian Wine Bar by interconnecting it with the Wallachian Taproom and the Chateau Cellars. This facility has its own bar.

WALLACHIAN TAPROOM: a space suitable for serving dinner at private parties. We recommend to interconnect it with the Moravian Wine Bar.

moravská vinárna 004




en rozlozeni 17 banketak atrium

BANQUET HALL - thanks to its convenient location right next to the Atrium Restaurant, the Banquet Hall is often used when there is a larger number of hotel quests to be
served and it is necessary to increase the capacity of facilities used for serving breakfast and dinner. But even this hall is available to be used separately to organize company
presentations, trainings or courses.

ATRIUM RESTAURANT - this place is in fact the centre of the whole hotel and at the same time it is a place where the hotel guests are served breakfast and dinner. The Atrium Restaurant can also be used for organizing an event in a non-traditional place.

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