The fun-fair is here – to stay all year! Enter our Lunapark and you will be spoilt for choice. Attractions for adults as well as kids, with catering inside for everyone who gets an empty stomach. And if you get tired of the first floor? In that case, you can move underground to our Indoor Adventure Golf and Old Czech Shooting Range!

Indoor Adventure Golf has eighteen holes to be conquered. Enter the green surrounded by trees and get ready for a swing to show Tiger Woods the tricks! Golf clubs are available free of charge; you will pay just a small fee for a ball but then can keep it as a souvenir. Alternatively, practice your aiming skills at the Old Czech Shooting Range.

Having fun for hours always requires a good bite to eat. At Lunapark, we are prepared for that, too. Go to the refreshment stall and have a tasty snack. Food and drinks can be paid for only in cash.

Book accommodation with fun package to get FREE entry to Lunapark and other selected attractions at CENTRUM BABYLON.

Opening hours
daily 10 am - 21 pm

The opening times may vary during school and public holidays.