Babylon’s Magic Box will immediately grab your attention with its steampunk décor. Offering a double portion of fun, you will find it right by the Centre’s main ticket desk.

Visit our little photo studio – the only place where everyone can pose and make any faces they like in a family snap.
Take away from your holiday unique souvenirs full of the genuine joy of our loved ones, while at the same time checking out what you would look like with a beard or wig on.

Transfer yourselves to a 9D virtual world and amaze all of your senses.
Let the design, lights and sound carry you away to the setting of many films to become their protagonists.

Opening hours
Monday - Friday 3 pm - 7 pm
Saturday, Sunday and holidays 10.30 am - 7 pm

The opening times may vary during school and public holidays.

9D virtual world films include

PIPE ROLLER - a rollercoaster during a storm

DIGITAL ROLLER COASTER - a rollercoaster in a computer world


HUNT MONSTERS - sail through the ocean full of sea monsters

AIR FORCE ONE - a fighter-jet battle

JEDI - a spaceship race through the desert

OCEAN - meet oceanic creatures

DIVERGENCE - experience moments of dread in a virtual world

ROCK ROLLER COASTER - a rollercoaster in a rocky country with falling rocks

MINE ROLLER COASTER - a rollercoaster in an abandoned mine