A new fun park offering children even more active play which they can’t get too much these days. Monkeying around is strictly allowed here too :-)

Let’s show kids that movement is great fun

Take your children to a playful world where they can practice and develop skills, coordination, agility hand in hand with imagination and creativity through various attractions this new park has to offer. We want to show children a healthier alternative to the virtual world. And you too can leave your worries behind. Have fun together with your kids or take a break over a cup of coffee.

Active movement and play makes you hungry and in need of an energy refill. Take your kids to the Banana Café and show them that a good snack does not necessarily have to involve fried fast food. The Banana Café can only be paid by chip or card, NO CASH! Payment using your key fob wristband is only possible if you pre-authorised your payment card at check-in.

Funpark Babylon can also be a venue for your kids’ birthday party that they will never forget. We’ll take care of the decorations, catering, cake and a small treat for the birthday boy or girl… and, above all, great active fun!

Book accommodation with fun to get free entry to Babylon’s Funpark and give your kids a chance play to their heart’s content.

Opening hours
daily 10 am - 9 pm

The opening times may vary during school and public holidays.