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Treat yourself to the best and let your body and mind relax. Choose one of our top-quality professional massages. Look after your health, improve your ability to work and your overall physical and mental well-being. A massage will help you avoid injury and a variety of ailments, such as muscle, tendon and joint pain. A massage also helps improve the regeneration of strength after work and other exertions and allows you to overcome fatigue faster.

A full-body massage improves your overall appearance and slows down the occurrence of signs of ageing in the organism, such as wrinkles, a deterioration of the condition of the skin and more.

A massage that focuses mainly on the muscles and joints, meanwhile, is an important way of maintaining a proper modern physical culture.



Partial massage (back, neck)   20 minutes – CZK 420
Full massage (back, neck, arms, legs)  50 minutes – CZK 860

A classic massage promotes the normalisation of inner tension, improves blood circulation and tissue nutrition and alleviates pain.



Partial massage (back, neck, wrap) 40 minutes – CZK 560
Full massage (back, neck, arms, legs, wrap) 80 minutes – CZK 1,160

Warm lava stones have a positive relaxation effect, their heat relaxing muscles and influencing energy paths.



Massage and wrap 60 minutes – CZK 860

This massage has a positive effect on the metabolism beneath the surface of the skin, leads to better absorption of fats and smooths the skin. It breaks down fat cells, influences blood circulation and stimulates the fat structures under the skin.


Tibetan energy massage 40 minutes – CZK 660

Relieves you of back and neck pain, encourages blood circulation and balances the energy in the body. Helps in cases of insomnia and anxiety and increases the body’s defences.


Hammam 60 minutes  CZK 1,100

This soap procedure cleanses the body. Peeling with a loofa and the application of soap suds provide a pleasant full-body relaxation massage.


Reiki treatment 20 minutes – CZK 420

Reiki is a safe method of practical healing that increases energy, alleviates pain, facilitates deep relaxation and brings about a feeling of harmony.


Cupping therapy 30 minutes – CZK 580

An effective massage technique during which blood circulation in the massaged area is intensified, which alleviates joint pain and back pain and which removes cellulite.



Partial back massage 20 minutes – CZK 420

A honey massage has incredible detox effects. This is not a gentle massage, but a demanding procedure.


Anti-stress massage of the head and neckline 20 minutes – CZK 380

A very pleasant massage of the head and neckline intended to provide perfect mental relaxation and a flood of endorphins.


Breuss spinal massage 40 minutes – CZK 520

A Breuss massage relaxes and regenerates the intervertebral disks. A gentle massage with hypericum oil over the whole length of the spine oxidises and rinses out toxins.


Reflexology foot massage 20 minutes – CZK 380

This massage has a positive effect on the organism. Massaging points on the feet leads to stimulation of the internal organs and to improved functioning and promotion of the self-healing abilities of the organism.


Micro-massage of the eye area 20 minutes – CZK 380

This micro-massage, with its gentle massage strokes and pressure therapy, fast brings about relaxation of the skin. This pleasant massage increases the elasticity and nutrition of the skin, greases it and gets the blood flowing and delays its depletion, translucence of the blood vessels and premature ageing.


Manual lymphatic drainage 60 minutes – CZK 880

A gentle massage technique to stimulate the lymph. Removes swelling, detoxifies and acts positively on cellulite.




Classic massage for children – back massage 15 minutes – CZK 280
Chocolate massage for children – back massage and wrap 25 minutes – CZK 280